Thursday, May 25, 2017

Blush + Babydolls


Top: BCBGeneration (Less than $50!), Jeans: Old - Similar here, Shoes: Steve Madden

This top has been my go-to this week - I've already worn it twice! I've been trying to buy more comfortable but cute tops, and this one fit the bill. The ruffle detail and the color caught my eye and the material is perfect for summer. It's also on sale for less than $50! There was only a small and large left in store, but I'm one of those people that just gets it even if my size isn't available (I've bought a pair of size 10 shoes before because it was such a steal...and I wear 8.5). I just make it work (lol)! It also helps that my mom is so good at sewing and fixing things right up for me. Anyway, this one is a large which really isn't that oversized and my already growing baby bump will soon fill it out. I know i'm still pretty early in my pregnancy, but yesterday I experienced my first time not fitting into some of my clothing. I had ordered some cute rompers for some events I have coming up soon, and I tried them on as soon as they came in yesterday and they were a little more snug than I would like them to be! I think it's a combination of craving way too much pepperoni pizza & growing baby! 

Also, I'm a sucker for chunky heels and wedges! I think they're so comfortable and I love wearing them when Kalep and I have date nights or any time I have a chance to dress up, so I've been trying to add a few more to my closet because I've been wearing out my Marc Fisher Espadrilles. I found these the other day and knew I would wear them out for the summer! If you install the Honey app on your browser, you can get them for about $20-$30 less on Steve Madden + Free shipping. Also, I ordered them Monday and they were here on Tuesday - faster than Amazon shipping! Steve Madden is also running a great Memorial day sale right now where you can get BOGO 50% off.

I've also linked a few great deals from the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale going on right now - second best sale to the Anniversary Sale that happens later in the summer! Most of the shoes are available in a nude color which are even cuter!


Monday, May 22, 2017

Summer Jumpsuits

(Don't mind my dry skin! It's been peeling from sun at the lake & super dry!)

Jumpsuit: Target (Only $30!), Shoes: Marc Fisher Espadrille Sandals - Dupes here for less than $60! I want the taupe ones! Necklace: Baublebar

It's Monday, and it's a rainy and cloudy one which made it so hard to get out of bed this morning. The weather has been so bipolar lately! I wore this jumpsuit on Saturday which was nice and sunny, and yesterday, I wore a sweater because it was so chilly outside. Kalep and I ran to Target the other day to pick up a few things and I spotted this jumpsuit and I loved it but left the store without it. We went to watch a baseball game with friends the night after and I had to run into Target after because I had to have it and it was perfect for one of my best friend's bridal showers. The colors and pattern scream summer and is the perfect piece to throw in your suitcase for a tropical vacation - and the bow detail on the back is my favorite! I'm wearing a large because they didn't have anymore mediums which is a little more of a loose fit especially since it doesn't cinch anywhere, but I figured baby would start filling it out pretty soon! 

Speaking of - here's an update on Baby W! He or she is now the size of a lemon. We had an ultrasound done last week, and baby was super active. It was the neatest thing seeing the little hands open and close, and the doctor had a hard time getting a good sonogram picture because of how much baby was moving! Clearly, he or she has a lot more energy than his mom does! I have a little bump right now that can easily be confused as a pudge because I've been eating so much lately from how hungry I am (oops!), but I was so excited yesterday to try on a romper that was a little more fitted, and it actually looked like a baby bump! We have another month before we go back to find out the gender, and we're super anxious for it. We're ready to start saying "he" or "she"! 

One more thing - if you are a big online shopper, install the "Honey" plugin if you haven't already. I did it the other day, and I just ordered these shoes from Steve Madden that were originally $90 and Honey found a promo code that took 25% off and free shipping which brought the total down to around $70 which wasn't a promo code that was obvious on the website. 

Have a happy Monday! 


Thursday, May 11, 2017

Casual Summer Outfit

Romper: Urban Outfitters, Denim Jacket: Nordstrom - BP. , Sandals: here and here (Extra 15% off & in other colors! Great for summer!), Necklace: BaubleBar Abbie Y-Choker, Similar here (and for less than $15!) 

Who would've thought a denim jacket would be so hard to find? While we were in Dallas, I needed a new one and it seems like you see things all the time when you don't need them, and they're gone when you're actually looking. Forever 21 is always stocked with them and the two times I was actually wanting one, they were no where to be found. Luckily, I found this one at Nordstrom and just love it! I've just thrown it over tees and leggings, a tshirt dress, this romper, and can't stop wearing it. I love the fit and the distressed detail on it - I did size up one just for a more loose fit. This romper was another find and it's perfect for the summer. It's actually a halter top but it's such a comfy fit, and it's loose around the thighs which you know I love (and Kalep doesn't! lol). He always says he doesn't like loose fitting shorts! Also, if you're looking for summer sandals - these are great and even on sale. I bought these last summer and they're still going strong. 

We are off to the lake this weekend and I'm excited to be out on the water! Fishing is something I actually really enjoy and it's so much fun going with Kalep (especially because I always catch bigger fish ;)). I hope you all have a fun weekend, and that we all take the time to show the moms in our lives lots of love because they are so deserving. I'm so excited to be called a "mom" soon! :D 



Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Dress Roundup - Under $100

After this weekend, the following 4 weekends are full of bridal showers, baby sprinkles, weddings and graduation festivities, so I've been on the hunt for pretty dresses for all occasions. I rounded up a few of my favorites that I came across! Some are a little more fancy and others are more casual, but most are very affordable and under $100. There are only a couple that are right above $100, but worth it! I love prints, bold colors, and neutrals so there's a little bit of each in the list below. If you're on the hunt for dresses like me, I hope this helps a little or at least gives you some inspiration! Don't forget jumpsuits and rompers are also great for these events! 

Friday, May 5, 2017

Pinks + Pleats

Top: Nordstrom (Less than $50!), Jeans: Old - Similar here, Shoes: Target, Bag: Tory Burch - Similar here (& on sale!) and here
 Happy Friday friends & Cinco De Mayo! No margaritas for me this year, but I can definitely still have some tacos (even though I probably shouldn't). Kalep keeps telling me our baby is going to come out with taste buds only for pizza & mexican food because that's all I've been eating lately! (oops!) I'm working on getting better with my nutrition though now that I'm feeling a lot better.

Anyway, I picked up this top last weekend while we were in Dallas. Kalep and I went for a couple of days for a Rangers game and some shopping. We stayed at the Westin that's connected to the Galleria mall and that was just perfect. I can be in the mall for wayyy too long sometimes, so it worked out for Kalep because he could just run back to our room and watch some baseball while I finished. Back to the top - it is such a fun top for Spring & Summer. It's borderline a crop top but just enough to cover, and runs true to size. It's pleated so it's really flowy when you move and the best part - it's right around $45! 

P.S. Promise I didn't "Facetune" my face in some of these pictures, even though it looks like I went crazy with that blur tool! lol Kalep bought me the Canon G7X for Valentine's Day which I use for quick pictures when my aunt isn't around to use her fancy camera and I'm still trying to figure it out, but i've noticed it kind of does that to your face automatically sometimes! Just wanted to point that out! ;) 

Have the best weekend (with lots of margaritas, churros & fiestas!)

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

We're Pregnant!

Dress: Adrianna Papell - Similar here & here. This was actually the dress my bridesmaids wore for my wedding, and we had an extra one that happened to be my size that we never got around to returning, so it was perfect for this occasion. 

I'm so happy that the news of Baby Warden is finally out! It's so hard to keep quiet about something you're so excited about. We can hardly wait for November, but I'm looking forward to enjoying my pregnancy as well! What makes it even better is that 4 of my really close friends are also pregnant right now, so it's fun having other people along with you and that our babies will be similar in age. Today, I thought it'd be fun to do a short q&a about our journey so far, so here you go!  

How far along? 11 weeks!

Due date? November 21st. I'm thinking we'll be spending Thanksgiving in the hospital this year. Kalep and I are both born in November (along with so many other people in our families), so I guess it was only right that baby is born in November.

Size of our baby? The size of a brussel sprout! It's so crazy how fast they grow. Our first sonogram, the baby was a tiny little bean that you couldn't really make much of a shape of, and when we went back two weeks later, the baby was actually starting to look like a little human! 

Food Cravings? I haven't really had any specific cravings. I may get a craving for a moment, but that's just like any other day pre-pregnancy.

Food aversions? Mostly, just any meat like steaks. 

Pregnancy Symptoms? I have actually been pretty lucky and haven't had too bad of symptoms. I've just felt extremely exhausted and no energy which is finally starting to get better this week. I haven't blogged much the last couple of weeks because I could hardly even get ready on top of all the busy-ness I already had going on! I've also felt nauseated but weirdly, it's mostly at night time instead of morning sickness. That's only happened a handful of times though. 

Sleeping? There's a ton of bathroom breaks throughout the night, so that's not fun (lol!) I also told Kalep that you're supposed to sleep on your left side when you're pregnant (even though it doesn't really matter this early on), so he feels the need to wake me up anytime I'm on my stomach or on my right side. I think it's cute that he does that, but a girl needs her sleep!

Will we find out the gender? We're going to do the whole gender reveal thing! Too fun not to. Kalep keeps insisting to me that he wants the doctor to tell him, but keep it from me. That is not happening because Kalep has a hard time keeping secrets that are exciting, so I know he'll slip up and tell me. Christmas is the worst - he always just wants to give people their gifts before it's even Christmas. I'm also super excited to get to work on the nursery, so I can't wait to find out what Baby Warden is. 

When did we find out we were pregnant? The exact day - March 16th. I was 5 weeks along. It was such a surprise because we had been wanting it to happen for a little while, so it just didn't seem real. Talk about hard keeping a secret from Kalep! I had to make excuses to run to Odessa without him to get confirmation, to figure out how to surprise him, etc. I surprised him that night with a onesie and the tests in a box, and he could not believe it. It was kind of funny because I kept telling him I brought him something that he had been wanting (from like Academy or Cavender's or something) and I finally found it, but he was telling me he'd open it when he got back from working out, and then his mom showed up to bring us something, so distractions kept popping up. I was getting so nervous because I just wanted him to see it before he caught on to what was going on! lol He finally opened it, and was thrilled! We did the same with our parents, and they could not have been more surprised because we always made it seem like we wanted to wait a while before we had kids.

What I miss the most? I absolutely miss coffee especially in the last few weeks of having no energy whatsoever. It's my favorite thing in the morning to wake up and start up my Keurig, so that's been the hardest for me to give up. 

Gender? I really have no preference towards either. There's lots of things I would love about both, so it's hard to say. Would just be grateful for a healthy baby and pregnancy! Kalep swears up and down that it's a girl and even refers to the baby as "she" or "her" when he talks about the baby. I guess we'll have to wait and see!

Bump? There's a tiny pudge there - which is probably made up from how much I've been eating! I am SO hungry ALL the time and haven't been working out which is terrible. Now that I'm finally getting my energy back, one of my friends that is also pregnant and I have started to walk in the mornings so that helps!

How does Tyce feel about it? He hasn't quite caught on to the news yet, so I'll update y'all on that when a big bump finally appears. I read the other day that dogs can sense when you're pregnant because they can actually hear a baby in your belly or can just sense it. Tyce is such a spoiled pup, so we hope he'll take the news of a baby brother or sister well. We watched my friend's baby last year and it was the funniest thing watching Tyce. He couldn't quite figure out what he was and was just so curious and kept staring at him. Tyce doesn't know a stranger though and is the sweetest thing to anyone he meets.
That's it for now! I want to say thank you all so much for the love we received on Facebook and Instagram yesterday - so many comments, likes, text messages, congratulations! I hope you continue to follow us along on this exciting new journey we're on! We can't explain in words how happy and blessed we feel to become parents! I feel so lucky that I get to bring in a new life with Kalep by my side because I know he'll be the best dad (if he's anything like he is with Tyce! ;)). I also am so excited to get to bring new content to the blog relating to babies, baby fashion, maternity style and get to join all you mommies out there! 

Have a great Wednesday!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Prada Marfa + Pastels

Top: Forever 21 - Currently in stores but couldn't find online! Similar here and here and here, Jeans: Forever 21, Shoes: Forever 21, Sunglasses: Quay High Key, Earrings: Sugarfix by Baublebar, Bag: Tory Burch - Similar here and here

Happy Monday! I actually woke up feeling motivated today and not with a case of the Mondays...surprisingly. Luckily because I have lots to do today! One of my to-do's is finishing up one of my best friend's wedding invitations. It just makes my heart so happy that her wedding is right around the corner! 

A few weeks ago, I did a photoshoot in the middle of the West Texas desert at Prada Marfa with Kevin Basdeo, a photographer from Houston, Tx. I was so excited when he reached out to me about doing a shoot in Marfa because you all know, I love that little weird place. There was actually a ton of construction going on right on the road in front of the Prada installation which meant construction workers and cars having to drive through slowly, so it was a little interesting (awkward) to have an audience while doing these. Anyway, if you're ever in the Houston area and needing photos done, Kevin and his wife both do photography and are so good at what they do. He also travels to the West Texas area often. Follow him @kbasdeo and her @christinabasii on Instagram! 

This whole outfit can be found at Forever 21, so you know it cost less than $100 altogether. My favorite part of this outfit is hands down - the grey mules. They are right around $25 and come in the cutest of pastel colors which are great for spring. Pair them with jeans and a tee or a cute dress! I also linked some of my other favorite slip on mules in the widget above. Also, you've seen these jeans before and I can't stop wearing them. Love the frayed hem and shockingly, were a great fit even from Forever 21 (and for shorter girls like me!)

Enjoy today! 

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