Tuesday, February 21, 2017

More Ruffles in the Spring


Top: Shein (Less than $20!), Jeans: Gianni Binni - Similar here and here, Shoes: Jessica Simpson - Similar here and here.

I've been taking advantage any day that the weather is slightly warmer to pull out some Spring pieces. This top was probably a bad idea yesterday though because even though it was warmer, the wind was crazy! The ruffles were going everywhere! It's such a cute top to have in your closet though and it's only $16.00. It's hard to tell but it has a little checkered pattern on it. It's an oversized fit which I love!

Fun fact: While we were taking these pictures yesterday, we had two cops with their lights on pull up and start questioning us and asking us to open our car. We were so confused because we were just taking pictures and we weren't parked anywhere illegally. Turns out someone had called about a man trying to get into their vehicle, but it wasn't us. I was so freaked out though because I'm the kind of person that automatically assumes I've done something wrong and start panicking! (lol!)

And now the coffee is starting to kick in, so time for breakfast! Have a good Tuesday!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Must Have Ruffles

Sweater: Shein, Jeans: Express (40% off!), Wedges: Marc Fisher LTD
Can't believe my first blog post of this week is on a Friday! I have been so incredibly busy especially with two days of Valentine craziness at my mom's bakery, so my blog was put on the back burner for the week. Sometimes, it's good to take a little break though (even though it wasn't really a break.) I just had lots of cookies and paper goods to catch up on. 

Right now is the perfect time to get some last minute wear out of your sweaters. Our weather here is so back and forth between summer and winter, so I've been slowly transitioning my closet for spring. This ruffled sweater is less than $30, and the sleeves are everything! It also comes in blush, grey, and black. Pairing sweaters with wedges and sandals is one of my favorite transitional outfits. Mix it up with a pair of denim shorts on the warmer days, and you're set. One thing to know when ordering from Shein - it can sometimes be a hit or miss. You can find really unique pieces and items that look expensive for a great price, but the shipping sometimes takes about 2 weeks. Most of the time, I've loved the clothing from there, but I've had a couple of things that weren't as they seemed online. This sweater was definitely a hit though! :) I love anything with a ruffle detail, and I've linked more in the widget below!

I hope you all had a Valentine's week full of cheesy cards & chocolate! Kalep is probably tired of my cheesy notes I leave him on the daily. My love language is words of affirmation, so I can't get enough of handwritten notes and cards! 

Friday, February 10, 2017

His + Her

Her - Top: Target - Similar here and here, Jeans: T.J. Maxx (only $15.00!) - similar here and here, Jacket: Abercrombie - Similar here, Shoes: Steve Madden - love these!
His - Top: Banana Republic - similar here, Joggers: Express - Similar here, Shoes: Nike
This week has been absolutely hectic! I feel like there's just not enough time in the day to get everything done, but it's Friday, so no complains there. Part of the busy-ness comes from Valentine's Day being next week and I love how much people spread love around this time of year. It's so sweet seeing husbands/wives, girlfriends/boyfriends, friends, etc. come in to my mom's bakery to take a cupcake to someone just to make their day, and put in their orders early for Tuesday to make sure that special someone gets something sweet! I also love going to the grocery stores and seeing nothing but pink, red and lots of flowers everywhere. Anyway, I thought I'd bring along Kalep for some blog pictures with all this love in the air! ;) His love for pictures is definitely more of a hatred, so it was sweet for him to agree to take a few. 

Quick thing - I was on the fence a couple of weekends ago at Zara about some camo skinnies, and the other day while looking for my mom at TJ Maxx/Homegoods, I happened to see this pair hanging by themselves on a rack for $6.00, and they were my size! They're $15.00 online but if you happen to browse in store, you might be able to find them for even cheaper than that! Camo is always a fun print to mix in your outfits, and it's a little more subtle. 

Back to Valentine's - I thought it'd be fun just to share a few fun facts about our relationship! I love to hear about how love stories started, proposals and everything cheesy, so feel free to share yours with me in the comments below! :)

How did we meet? 

We're from the same town and went to jr. high & high school together and have always been friends, but we didn't reconnect until my last year of college. I always tell him how it's so funny that we had a yearbook class together in high school, and I remember we sat right next to each other at the same table, but I hardly talked because I was so shy. Who would've thought I was sitting right next to my husband? Anyway,  I was really upset one night in college after a breakup and Kalep happened to be in Lubbock that weekend. I woke up to the sweetest text message from him the next morning, and we haven't stopped texting since! ;) 

How long have we been together? 

"Officially" - 3 years and a half, but we were basically together for about 6 months before that. We've now been married for a year and a half! 

Who said "I love you" first? 

He did, but I was eager to say it right back! 

Our first kiss?

January 18, 2013

Our first Valentine's Date?

He had a bouquet of flowers waiting in the car seat when I got in, and I thought it was the sweetest thing because I definitely wasn't used to getting flowers. The rest of the night was just kind of funny because restaurants were overpacked, and we couldn't seem to get into any place that didn't have over an hour wait. He had purchased movie tickets early to this movie I was dying to see, so we ended up at Rosa's for our romantic dinner date! lol He felt so bad and kept apologizing about it. That's happened to us a few times since then, one being last weekend, and we always joke about how we always seem to end up at Rosa's when everything else fails. 

Our first trip together?

New York City

How did he propose?

He did on Thanksgiving 2014. Our families decided to spend Thanksgiving together, and Kalep kept acting so fidgety all day. When it came time to eat, he said he wasn't very hungry which was so strange because who's not hungry on Thanksgiving! I still didn't suspect a thing though. My birthday is also in November, and he had told me a couple of weeks before that my present would be a little late, but it was coming. I was 100% convinced it was going to be a bull dog puppy because at the time I was obsessed with them. After dinner, we were watching the Cowboys and the girls started playing "Heads up!" on the iphone. If you've never played, it's basically like the game "Hedbanz." You have a card (or your phone) and you hold it up on your forehead and someone is supposed to give you clues to help you figure out what you are. Kalep decided to join in and when it came around to his turn again, it was me who was supposed to give him clues. When he flipped the phone though, it said "Will you marry me?" I was so shocked at first and not sure whether I should start trying to act that out or give him clues, and of course, my first words were, "Wait..What?!" Before I could say anything else, he came and got down on one knee. I loved that both of our families were there and that it was such a surprise! 

Some of my favorite things to do together?

• Tuesday Movie Nights - (We always try to go to $5 Tuesdays at Cinergy.) It works out because it's usually the night Kalep gets off his day shift or the night before he goes on his night shifts.

• Fishing - He definitely introduced me to more outdoor activities and while hunting isn't really my favorite, I absolutely love fishing with him! It's fun to add a little competition and I'm usually better than him. ;) 

• Weekend Trips - We've been making more of a conscious effort to go on little weekend getaways even if it's to somewhere close by. 

• Driving around with Tyce (or taking him on walks)

• We usually try to find a show that we both like and we try to watch a few episodes a night when we're not busy. Right now - it's Diesel Brothers! 

I know - we're so crazy and exciting! ;) 

Steeltoes & Stilettos?

If you've never read the "About" tab on my blog, this blog is named (somewhat) after our personal styles. We both have pretty versatile styles and I don't just stick to one thing, but I'm definitely all about heels and basically anything glam. I got lucky with Kalep because on somedays I get a cowboy with boots and starched jeans and other days, he's a little more city than that. Most of the time though, you can find him in his boots! 

That's just a little about our own love story. Our marriage is far from perfect, but I couldn't be more thankful or happy that it's Kalep that I get to call my Valentine for the rest of my life!

Have a great weekend friends and spread some love!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Valentine's Inspired Must Haves

I'm getting in the Valentine's Day spirit because we are one week away! We're starting to prep for Valentine's Day at my mom's bakery because it's one of the busiest times of the year, so I thought I'd share some Valentine's inspired favorites on my blog! 

3. Sheinside Pink Pom Pom Dress - Only $24.00 & so cute!

These are 40% off and come in so many colors. Great for spring!

These totes are such nice quality and you can carry everything!

10. H&M Graphic Tee - 
Graphic tees are always welcome, especially when they're pink!

11. Show Me Your Mumu Varsity Sweater - Wore this during my shoot with Daisy Dukes
& it's so soft and oversized! Cute for a v-day stay-in movie night! 

12. Marc Fisher LTD Annie Perforated Wedges - I'm in love with my Marc Fisher wedges
& I love this blush color. The wedges I posted last week are now available in most sizes again!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

On the verge of Spring with LeMarche' Boutique

Dress: Cupcakes & Cashmere - Le Marché Boutique, Shoes: Marc Fisher - Nordstrom (Dupes for these Chloe Espadrilles & way less expensive!), Earrings: H&M - Love these for spring!, Bag: 
We had a little taste of Spring yesterday, and now I can't wait for it to warm up. I love the cold weather and dressing for the winter, but as soon as Christmas and NYE pass, I'm about ready for the spring and summer to hit (especially for cute dresses and wedges). Tyce and I love going on walks when it warms up, so I'm sure he's just as ready too. 

This dress and these wedges were the first additions to my closet for this spring, and I already know I'll be wearing them out. This dress is made of the softest light material and perfect for the Texas heat here...even in black. I'm wearing a small for reference because it runs a little more loose fitting. It's a perfect spring LBD that can be worn with everything! If you live in the permian basin area, you can find it at one of the cutest boutiques in Midland - LeMarche' Boutique! It's a hidden gem found right in the middle of the Imperial Shopping Center at 3211 W. Wadley Ave. If you don't, it's also available at the link above. Brands like Cupcakes & Cashmere and Karen Kane are two of the major ones found there along with so many chic gifts and jewelry. I love to support local businesses and I always love the unique finds you come across that you wouldn't normally find at the mall and bigger chain stores. I also linked a few other favorite items you can find at LeMarche' below. Use the code STILETTOS to get 20% off your purchase until this Sunday!

Also, these espadrille wedges go FAST! They look exactly like the designer Chloe espadrilles, but for way less. They're available in so many colors! I tried to order a pair at the end of last summer, but they were sold out for the longest time. I ordered them last week when I first saw them available again!

Long Grey Cardigan (On sale!)

Emile Floral Romper

Karen Kane Lace Top

Drea Print Blouse


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