Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ciao 2015!

Sequin Blazer: NewChic (Only 14!), T-shirt: Old (Similar here, but would love this one for NYE), Faux Leather Pants: H&M (On sale for $15!), Shoes: Vince Camuto (So comfortable and LOVE the color!), Clutch: Old but would love this one

Although 2015 was one of my favorite years in life so far, I'm excited for what's in store for 2016! NYE is definitely in my top 3 list of favorite holidays. Kalep makes fun of me because he says every holiday is my favorite holiday (whatever...). Anyway, I adore the fact that on NYE you can wear as much glitz and sequins your closet has to offer without having anyone say a thing about it (even though I'm guilty of rocking more than enough sequins on more days than just NYE). Although I'm sure we all wish we can be at the biggest New Year's celebrations in NYC wearing the glitziest dresses we can find, we don't all have the luxury. For those of us who won't have any where to wear a fully sequined dress to and will be bringing in the new year just hanging out with friends or family, you can still bring the glitz in a more casual way. NewChic sent me this sequin blazer, and I absolutely loved it! It's also available in two other colors, and really inexpensive for such a pretty statement piece. It's perfect to wear for NYE, but it's definitely wearable on any other day when you want to add some fun to your outfit.

Every New Year's Eve my family is sure to include many of the Latin NYE traditions including eating 12 grapes for 12 good months and packing your bags and walking outside in hopes that the new year will bring lots more travel. One I recently heard was to wear red undergarments, so I thought I'd swap that one out and wear red shoes. These add such a POP to my outfits, and they're really comfortable because the heel isn't too high. I also love the lace up detail. Whenever you're planning your outfit for tomorrow evening, be sure to have so much fun with it!

2015 has brought me so many blessings from marrying the love of my life to starting my own blog, and I'm so thankful for everything God has done for me over the last year even during the harder times. I'm wishing you all a year full of love, laughter, peace, and so much more, and I hope it's one of the best years yet. Let's kiss 2015 goodbye and ring the new year in with a bang...and don't forget the sequins! Cheers! 


  1. you are beautiful
    And your styling excellent

  2. Went and bought some sequins for my New Years outfit! Love it! 😁

    1. I'm sure you looked stunning in them! Hope you're doing great girl! 😊


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