Friday, December 11, 2015

Holiday Gift Guides - For Him & Her

I decided I better put the "Steeltoes" part of my blog's name to use, and do something geared towards the guys. As if you didn't already have enough gift guides this December, here's one with ideas for what to gift the special guys in your lives inspired by the special one in mine. Most are under $100!  Also don't forget to fill your mom's, sister's, and BFF's stocking with some of the cute things listed below. For some reason, one of my favorite parts of Christmas are the stockings especially the Ferrero Rochers that my mom never fails to forget. 


 1. MVMT Watch - I came across these on Instagram, and they're not ridiculously priced and have so many different styles and colors. The Women's watches are pretty nice as well. 

2. Man Crates - These are so neat! There's a man crate for every type of guy - from the retro videogamer to the pitmaster in your family filled with items pertaining to each theme. 

3. American Eagle PJ's - These are a regular on my dad's Christmas list every year, and right now they're only $24! Recently, they were also BOGO! 

4. The Ostrich Pillow - I just thought this was hilarious, but I can see a guy really diggin' this. Please take a moment to google the images that pop up. LOL!

5. Go Pro Sportsman Mount - I recently purchased this for Kalep, and he loved it! He's big into fishing and hunting, and he's sure to document a lot of it on his Go Pro. This mount allows you to put the Go Pro on your bow, fishing rod, etc. 

6. Under Armour Ridge Reaper Gear - Another one of Kalep's favorites, but it's pretty cool because it's so much different than the regular camo you see everywhere else. Of course, this is more for the outdoorsman in your life. 

7. Yeti Colster - because Yeti, and guys love anything Yeti. Really though, these are always super handy, and especially cool when they're personalized. 

8. Herschel Duffel Bag - Duffel bags are always useful, and Herschel's are nice and under $100. 

1. Pier 1 Mini Moscow Mule Mug - I'm so drawn to everything copper right now, and my moscow mule mug collection proves it. I came across this tiny shot glass version of the original Moscow Mule at Pier 1 and couldn't live without it. It was so CUTE! 

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks - I've watched so many YouTube Beauty Gurus rave about these, yet still don't have one in my hands. I hate that they don't carry them at any of our local Sephora's or Ulta's. They have the prettiest colors though!

3. Faux Fur Pom Pom Keychain - I've been living for fringe tassel keychains, but now I'm lovin' these. 

4. VS Pink Sleep Shirt - Because I like you & naps...but mostly naps. I also like the fact that these are only $27!  

5. Baublebar Ear Buds - Add some glitz to someone's workout routine with these chic earbuds. Available at Target and only $20! 

6. Urban Decay - Gwen Stefani - So excited this is finally out! 

7. CC Beanies - These come in so many styles and colors. Just $14.99 on Amazon!

8. Lipstick Makeup Bag - For some reason, I like to carry a makeup bag full of lipsticks in my purse, yet re-apply maybe once...and one color at that. If that sounds like someone you know, this belongs in their stocking.  

9. Marble Phone Case - By buying this, you support artists from around the world, and give someone a super chic phone case.

10. S'well Water Bottle - It's Champagne Gold, and it keeps cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours, and hot drinks hot for 12. Available in an assortment of colors! 

Hope this was somewhat helpful! :) 

Have a spectacular weekend! 

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