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Monday, January 11, 2016

My Current Makeup Routine

Happy Monday everyone! 

I thought I would change it up from outfits and do a current makeup routine post. I'm definitely not a pro at this, but if watching hours of YouTube tutorials gives any credibility (lol!), then I guess that counts for something! I don't really have a set routine that I do ALL the time because I like to change it up and try new products, but a lot of these products mentioned are some that have become staples in my make up bag. This is my current makeup routine that I've been doing for the last few weeks.


6. Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Precision Longwear Eyeliner (Forgot to picture above! Oops!)

I like to do my eyes first, so I can wipe up the runoff from the eye shadow without messing up my foundation. I got the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette for Christmas, and have just been loving it. It's one of my favorites from Urban Decay. The pigmentation is SO good, and I love how it's mostly neutral colors but has a few colors that are a little more out there as well. I always prime my eyelids with the Urban Decay Primer Potion. This stuff is awesome! It's $20, but I have had the same tube for the last two years because you don't need much each use. For my eye shadow lately,  I start off with the color "Zone" (Row 2, #4) in the crease as the transition color, the color "Punk" (Row 1, #5) on the outer lid in a 'C' shape, "1987" (Row 3, #4) on the inner corner and center lid, and finally, "Bathwater" (Row 1, #2) on the brow bone.  I then do my eye liner which is super easy with the liner I linked above because it's pretty much like a marker with a pointy tip. For the mascara, I always prime them with the white end of the Loreal Double Extend mascara. I don't really like the actual mascara part because it seems to flake off quite a bit throughout the day, so I guess I kind of waste half of that mascara duo. I then go over my lashes with the Diorshow Blackout mascara which doesn't take a lot of coats to get them big and full. I love the Anastasia Dip Brow for my eyebrows even though it does tend to dry out after you've had it for a while. I usually just stick to dipping it around the edges where it's usually always moist.


On to the face...

I always moisturize my face first, and mix some coconut oil into whatever moisturizer I happen to be using. I really need to find a good one and stick to it. That's one thing I'm always swapping out. It's no secret that my cheeks are ALWAYS red, and even worse when I get embarrassed (lol!). I've had a hard time finding a primer that calms the redness, but this Clinique one has done a pretty good job so far. I apply that to my cheek areas, and apply the Loreal Miracle Blur to prime the rest of my face. I love this stuff because the texture is exactly like Smashbox's Photo Finish Primer, but $10 cheaper and you get more of it in the tube. For the last few months, I've worn the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, but I decided to try something new because I can't buy that foundation anywhere around here, and I was always bad about ordering it online before I ran out of the one I currently had. That has been my favorite foundation that I have ever tried until I tried the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation, and not to mention, it's about $20 cheaper which is a plus. I have pretty dry skin, so this foundation gives such good coverage without looking "cakey." It feels light, and lasts longer than the Giorgio Armani foundation. I like to apply it with my Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush that I have linked below. For me personally, that brush works better than using a beauty blender for my foundation. I do use a  damp beauty blender for my under eye concealer though. I apply a light layer of the Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector to my under eyes first, then blend it out with the beauty blender. It gives a really pretty bright sheen. I apply the Mac Prep + Prime on top of that, down the bridge of my nose, middle of my forehead, and a dab on my chin to highlight. I have always had a hard time finding concealers that don't give me a lot of under eye "creasage" and the combination of the under eye corrector and prep + prime works really well for me. I set that with the beige & yellow hightlight colors from the Lorac Pro Contour Palette. I set the rest of my face with the Mac Pro Longwear Pressed Powder, and contour with the "Medium Contour" shade from the Lorac palette. These shades are also very pigmented, so you have to be very careful. The brush that came with the palette wasn't my favorite, so I use a large angled brush for the contour. I finish off the face with a light swipe of some blush, and highlighter to the tops of my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose, above my cupid's bow on my lips, and on the chin. I do the bottom eyeliner last after I've done my face makeup. There's not really a reason to it though. I like to use the liquid eyeliner I linked above because it's really easy to smudge out but it stays on all day and doesn't start smudging even more to give you a black eye look (lol!).  


6. Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick (Sorbet) - Also not pictured, but I love this one!

For the lips, I've pretty much been sticking to the four colors I have linked above lately. I can't get away from them! They are definitely some of my favorite lipsticks, and have such good lasting power. Matte lipsticks work best for me because they don't get all over my teeth all day, and I hardly have to re-apply. Once I have applied all my makeup, I set it all with Mac Fix+. I also like to use it to "foil" my eyeshadow sometimes to make it stand out more. I just spray some on my eyeshadow brush and press it onto the eye lid, or dip the brush in the shadow before applying. I had to include the perfume because it is one of my favorite scents. My perfume collection is mostly made up of perfumes that Kalep has given me, and he has awesome taste. He hasn't failed in picking out good ones yet! 


These are some of my favorite brushes in my make up bag. The Sigma brushes are more pricey, but they are definitely worth it because of the great quality. I got a few sets of the brushes for Christmas last year, and I haven't purchased a single brush since. They're still as good as new. If you had to pick one to invest in first, the Kabuki brush would for sure be my choice! Beauty blenders are so good at what they do! I'm constantly buying these because Tyceroni also has a love for them. I have to watch him when I'm doing my makeup because he likes to snatch them up and chew on them when I'm not looking. I've heard that this Dawn dish foam is super good at cleaning makeup brushes from other bloggers and YouTube videos, and I'm here to confirm that they are absolutely right. The makeup melts right out of the brushes, and gets them back to their original color. It's seriously awesome, and only $5! 

This has been my makeup routine for pretty much the last few blog posts. If any of you know any must-have products or favorites, please tell me because I love trying new makeup. 

Hope the rest of your day is absolutely wonderful! :)

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