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Monday, February 22, 2016

DIY Faux Fur Chair Makeover

I'm starting this week off with a little DIY project! I'm working on remodeling a storage room into a crafting room to give me an area to craft and work on stationery & invitations. I needed a desk chair to put in there, and luckily, I had this chair sitting around wasting space. I decided to revamp it, and if you know me, it had to be gold and the faux fur just gave it some extra sass. Just like many out there, I'm a big fan of turning trash into treasure, so follow along! Also, it's my goal to make a few more of these gems to sell, so if you just so happen to be on the hunt for a faux fur chair, be sure to message me on any of my social media pages! 

This DIY only calls for these 5 little guys above: scissors, flathead screwdriver, a heavy duty staple gun, metallic gold spray paint, and of course - faux fur. This spray paint is the perfect color of metallic gold. I've gone through all different brands because I kind of have a problem with painting everything gold, so I always have a can on hand. This one is my favorite, and I usually get it for only $4! The faux fur you can get from a fabric store, or buy a large faux fur rug that you can usually find at places like HomeGoods or Marshall's for pretty cheap. I ordered a yard of this one from a fabric store online, and a yard was more than enough. Trash bags are also good to have on hand to prevent a mess with the spray paint.

This is the original chair. 

If you have to remove any previous upholstery or staples, you can use a flathead screwdriver to pop the staples out. This one had a piece of fabric covering the bottom, so I had to take it off to be able to staple under.

Originally, I was going to leave the back with the original pea green color, but ended up changing my mind. That's why I taped it off with trash bags, but they work really well to prevent paint from getting on areas you don't want.

I spray painted all of the wood, and gave it two coats. This spray paint dries SUPER quick. I also ended up spray painting the back as well because GOLD, and you can never have enough of it (unless your name is Kalep Warden ;) lol). 

Once it dries, you're ready to start stapling the fur. You can either cut prior to stapling, or just start on one corner and staple as you go. I pulled it all the way down to staple under so that it covered the bottom edge of the seat as well. If you have a chair with arms, you'll have to cut slits to go around them. Be sure to pull tight each time you staple a section. Depending on the type of chair you have, you may be able to simply remove the seat cushion which is a lot easier. In this situation, it was a lot more difficult to remove the seat cushion, so I just worked with it as it was. Faux fur is very forgiving because you don't have to cut everything straight or if you cut too much, you can just stick another piece on top to cover it without it being obvious. Just beware - there is lots of shedding in this step. 

...and there you go! You've got yourself a brand new chair! I also had enough faux fur leftover to makeover this old footrest to match the chair.

Don't forget to throw in a fun pillow! 

I hope you enjoyed this DIY, and that you have the happiest of Mondays! 

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