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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cold Shoulder

Similar items in the widgets below! :)

Showing your shoulders is big this Spring! I've been purchasing a lot of off the shoulder or cold shoulder tops like the one above lately. I bought this top last year, and never wore it until yesterday. I really wish it was still available because it was only $36. Anyway, I've linked a few of my other favorite cold shoulder tops in the widget below!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I got together with a few fabulous ladies to put together a giveaway for our readers. If you haven't seen the post, be sure to go to my Instagram (@gladys.warden), and go to my giveaway post for details. You can win some items that are sure to spruce up your desk - a gold Ipad mini 4, a Volcano candle, and a Rifle Paper & Co. 2016 Planner. Today's the last day to enter! Good luck! :) 

Also, I've been getting asked a lot by some family and friends lately about who takes my pictures for my blog, and I realized I have never given credit to my Aunt Julie who takes so much time out of her days to be my "photographer"! She started it out just to help me, but she's actually turned it into a real hobby (not just taking my pictures lol!). Occasionally, my husband Kalep or mom have to step in and play photographer! 

And finally - while you're going through the day, don't forget to take some time to send a prayer up for Belgium, the people affected and for this world we live in. It breaks my heart to see this world filled with so much terror and hate, but there's peace in Jesus and knowing that this is not our permanent home. It had me shaken up last night and I was telling Kalep how as much as I love to travel, it makes me scared to go anywhere. I was reminded that I can't live in fear though, and my faith and my God is so much bigger than any fear this world tries to instill in us. 

Have a good Wednesday friends! :) 

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