Monday, April 11, 2016

It's National Pet Day!

Top: Chelsea & Violet (Only $31!), Jeggings: Express (Buy 1, Get 1 for $29.90 right now!), Shoes: Dolce Vita - Similar here (and less than $100! Those are on my wish list right now!)

Just a quick note on this outfit because today is National Pet Day & it's all about our furry family members. This shirt is on sale right now, and is perfect for Spring & Summer. It's made out of such a light material and is flowy. It's not pictured, but the back has a really cute tassel detail. 

Now back to the star of today's post - Tyce(roni) Warden! Anyone that knows Kalep and I is pretty aware that we're about as obsessed with Tyce as Kalep is with me! ;) (lol! totally kidding!) I'm the one that can't get enough of either one of them. We've had him since he was 6 weeks old, so it's been fun watching him grow up into the spunky two (and a half!) year old he is now. Just for fun & so you can get to know our favorite little guy more, here are 10 fun facts about him: 

1. When we watch tv, he can't stand being anywhere but in between Kalep & I. 
2. Pig ears are his best friend.
3. He ruins his collars within 1-2 weeks. I think he's like his mom, and just wants to switch up his look. ;)
4. He'll take car rides over a walk to the park any day of the week. It takes him about an hour to recover after going for a walk. (I think he's also like his mom in that dept! lol)
5. Squirrels are not his friends.
6. He has two cousins that are also boxers named Bronx & Flynn.
7. His hobbies include ripping the cotton out of his toys and spreading it around the house, taking naps on our couch, and sitting by the door staring at the boxer that sits at her door across the street.
8. He likes to make sure that at he's the most comfortable one on the bed at night - regardless if Kalep & I are.
9. He had a sister named Lola that was his BFF. Unfortunately, she got sick and we had to put her down. :( 
10. He's so sweet and friendly to everyone...unless you're a squirrel. He also gets an attitude if he's left outside for too long.

Bonus Fact: He was born in Lubbock, Tx, so he was born a Red Raider at heart! 

Pets are seriously the best of friends, and are full of so much love, so let's spend today spoiling and loving on them whether you have a cat, dog, mini horse, etc.! If you don't have a pet, go out & adopt one and give it a life to remember. We adopted Lola, and she was the sweetest pup. Even though she was only with us for a little over a year, I loved that we were able to give her a better life and show her what it was like to be loved. 

Also, in a couple of days, it'll mark 1 year since we lost our pomeranian, Candy, that we had for 14 years. She was such a fun little ball of fur with lots of sass. Thinking of her, Lola & the many other pets today who have left a mark on our heart throughout our lives! 

 I like to celebrate Tyce on more days than just today, so I like to surprise him with new toys or collars here and there (especially when we go to HomeGoods), so I curated a list of some super cute pet finds to spoil your furry best friends with. Enjoy!

1. Faux Fur Puff Pet Bed - Wait, I kind of want this for me.

3. Rope Dog Leash - I need this right now!

4. Dog TeePee - How cute is this! Tyceroni couldn't even think about fitting in there. Perfect for small pups though!

5. Copper Canister - Great for storing dog treats! Copper anything is always a good decision.

7. Reversible Pet Bandana - love the prints & only $8 at Target!

8. Storage Basket - You need a place to store dog toys, leashes, etc., so might as well use a cute basket. This one's only $14.50.

Have a Te-"RUFF"-ic Monday friends!


  1. Seriously the cutest post EVER! Tyce is so handsome! I love Boxers so much! Our first dog was a brindle Boxer, she was the sweetest ever. Unfortunately, she passed away 2 years ago, it was the saddest day ever! I love spoiling our little pup Charlie too...I'll be giving him extra love, kisses and treats today!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  2. Thanks Lily! :) Me too. They're SO sweet! Aww I'm sorry. It's so sad losing pups.



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