Thursday, May 5, 2016

Must Have Tech & Desk Accessories

I used to be a little nerd in school, and be so excited to go to class on Mondays after restocking my backpack with some new twist up crayons, or Lisa Frank notebooks. Not much has changed in my adult life because I get so excited when I come across some chic desk or tech goodies. In the world of fashion, your desk and phone are fair game for accessorizing too! Might as well make your work space a little more enjoyable & summer ready with some of these must-haves listed above!

1. Flamingo Tape Dispenser - It's only $6, but unavailable online. I had to include it though - just in case any of you have a local H&M and happened to spot it in store!

3. Baublebar Headphones Set - It's currently on sale for $85 from $175, and you even get a free pair of earrings. 

4. Sonix Cactus iPhone Case 5. Sonix Piñata iPhone Case (Perfect for Cinco de Mayo today!) 6. Sonix Flamingo iPhone Case 

This post was inspired by last night's purchase of this Sonix phone case. It's my second one, and I adore these cases. First, most all of them have a gold foil on them, and we all know I love anything shimmery or gold. Second, they're covered in the cutest graphics like flamingos and pineapples. I had a pineapple one first, but I lost my phone momentarily at the deer lease last October, and when I found it, it had gotten run over by a car. The case didn't crack though - just suffered some severe tire marks! 

9. Belkin Tassel Keychain Charger - Pink one here & Cognac one here. I love big keychains especially because I'm the queen of losing my keys. I finally bought some big keychains for them so I could easily find them in my huge purse, or not lose them as easily around the house. I love that this one is a portable charger as well.

10. Tory Burch FitBit Leather Wrap Bracelet - I have a FitBit but haven't worn it in over a year. For those of you that faithfully wear your FitBit, this bracelet is a must have! It's stylish & could go with a lot more of your outfits than the silicone original band. 

They're so cute right? 

Have a great one!

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