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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Shop your Closet: Color Palettes

Sometimes life gets so busy, and the background of your husband's shop is the best you can do, so bare with me. I feel like I'm working three different jobs right now between helping my mom at her bakery, working on my blog & doing event stationery, so it's been a little hectic lately! So hectic that I haven't even had any time to go shopping, or even take some time to shop online. As much as we'd all like to always have our closet consistently updated and full of new looks, realistically, we can't all have a bottomless wallet that allows us to do that. I've decided to throw in blog posts here and there on tips that I use to "shop my own closet." After awhile, I get so bored with my outfits & I'll just stick to a few different items & wear them out until I can't anymore. I'm always trying to downsize my closet because it gets really cluttered and my husband probably makes that comment every other week or so and even offers to help me (even though it's more so because my clothes are starting to slowly creep into his closet and drawers! oops!). I've tried to do the whole capsule wardrobe thing, but I get overwhelmed looking at my closet as a whole and start overthinking it and end up accomplishing nothing. One of the things I like to do (when I have time) is to pick a color scheme and pull out all the items that fit that. This helps me because it helps me stick to a plan and i'm essentially giving myself a "smaller closet" to focus on. I have a rack that I keep in my room and I like to use it to plan my outfits for a trip or for blog posts, or when I'm trying to find new outfits because it gives me a space to separate clothing from my closet. For this blog post, I chose to focus on the color olive. I love that color with cognac, white & black so I also pulled out a few pieces to complement it as well. Once I pull out everything in that color scheme, I try to come up with as many outfits as I can. It's actually fun for me because you're forced to work with what you have, so it gives you a challenge to try new things. You'll amaze yourself with how many new outfits you can find in your very own closet. It also helps me to learn to style certain pieces in many different ways like one of my green military jackets. I wore it with a white tee and ripped jeans all the time, and I got stuck in that rut, but doing this forces me to pair it with other items and make new outfits. You can also try to find an outfit for different categories like work, play, casual, athleisure, etc. Shopping my own closet by using color palettes also helps me to clear out clutter because it helps me see if I have too many of one thing in a certain color or too many similar items. I'm one of those people that loves olive green, blush & grey, so i'm always drawn to items of those colors and sometimes end up with too much of it. Don't even ask me how many gray t-shirts I have...

I hope this helps next time you have one of those moments when you're staring at your closet full of clothes, but "absolutely nothing to wear!"

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