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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tacos & Tequila Fiesta Decor

Bringing some fiesta fun to the blog today! This upcoming Sunday will be exactly 1 year of being Mrs. Warden, and it's absolutely crazy how fast that went by. Geez! To celebrate, my mom and I threw a small last minute backyard fiesta! Due to work schedules, we had to do it a week early. Last Monday, I was trying to come up with a fun theme and a "Juan" year anniversary came to mind, so I went with a Tacos & Tequila Fiesta and I just kind of rolled with the theme. Kind of hard not to get carried away! There's still some summer left, so in case you want to squeeze in one more fiesta or two (fiestas can happen on more occasions than Cinco De Mayo - just FYI), I've put together a list of easy DIY's and ideas on throwing a fiesta!

1) Incorporate paper flowers + other paper projects because they are easy DIY's & very inexpensive. Tissue paper and crepe paper go a long way for very little, and it's a great way to fill up empty space. I made all the flowers on my backdrop with this 100-pack of tissue paper from Hobby Lobby for only $6.99. I'm sure we all learned how to make tissue paper flowers in kindergarten but in case you forgot, here you go. I took 6 colors of bright tissue paper, layered them on top of each other, folded them accordion style & stapled in the middle. You can change the look of each flower by cutting the ends into a point or rounding them out, then separate the tissue & fluff up your flower! Easy peasy! 

Here are other easy paper DIY's found via Pinterest:

2) Piñatas are a must have at a fiesta whether you make your own or you buy. I bought this burro at Hobby Lobby & ordered the #1. Love this DIY Cactus Piñata via Popcorn & Chocolate.

3) Put your own touch on any fiesta or party you throw! If you know me at all, you know any party of mine isn't right unless the color gold is incorporated somehow. I "glammed" up the fiesta a bit by taking gold spray paint to the sombreros, the piñatas & pineapples on the table. The sequin tablecloth & photo backdrop also added a lot of the gold I wanted. 

4) Bring the fiesta to your food + drinks as well! Tacos, churros, margaritas, chips & salsa, sopapillas, and nachos are all welcome at any fiesta. We had a taco bar at ours for guests to make their own! I also came across these tiny sombreros and had to have them to dress up our tequilas. Would also be great on Tabasco bottles!

5) Find the perfect fiesta dress or outfit! Here are some favorites I came across: #1#2#3 & #4

6) Most importantly, go ALL OUT with your theme & make the most of your fiesta! Makes the event more festive & fun! 

Can't forget the cake! My mom made it the cutest!

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  1. Uhm...this is SO CUTE!!! I'm in love with everything...the cookies, the decor, the cake! Love it all!
    Where did you find the gold backdrop and tablecloth, they are gorgeous!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily


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