Steeltoes & Stilettos: 1 Year Anniversary + Lace Midis

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

1 Year Anniversary + Lace Midis

...and one more because y'all know we couldn't leave this little guy out of a family picture! ;) He turns 3 tomorrow! 

Dress: Gianni Bini, Shoes: Steve Madden - this pair is only $32!
Yesterday was our 1 year wedding anniversary, but we didn't get to really do anything because of Kalep's work schedule, so the boys came along with me to take some blog pictures! One year sure does fly by when you're having fun! Marriage has been one of (if not the best) things I've ever experienced, but it has also been one of the most challenging. A couple of things I've learned over the last year (that are really no brainers) but easy to forget is that you should never stop dating your husband or putting in the extra effort to make your spouse feel special. Always take the time to intentionally spend time together, even though you live together. Sitting in the same house each doing your own thing or even just being in the same room isn't necessarily "spending time together." It's important to get out there and do things together or go on weekend getaways. As busy as life gets, it's easy to let time slip by without really noticing. One of our things that we consistently do is going to $5 movie Tuesdays because Tuesdays are the day he either comes off of his 7 day shift or it's the night before he goes on his night shifts which is the longest week for both of us, so it's always special to spend that time together! When you may not agree on something or just can't find common ground, make sure you're always actually listening to your spouse and not just trying to be right or prove your point. Sometimes we're all a little selfish and have a hard time admitting when we're wrong, but in a marriage, you're a team and should never be against each other. Most importantly, always keep God at the center of your marriage. God has a plan for each of our lives, each of our marriages, and we should always remember that. Life gets busy and sometimes we selfishly forget that or ignore it, and that's something we continually always have to work and grown on because we can't do this life without Him at the center of it. This first year as newlyweds has been a year full of love, joy, laughter, disagreements, compromise & everything in between. With all of that comes growth, and I feel like even in just a year we've grown so much in our relationship from learning to live & keep a household together, raising Tyce ;) and really, just doing life with each other. I love having my best friend there for all the peak moments in life to celebrate with and having someone that even on the hard days will always choose you no matter what lows life throws at you, and I couldn't be anymore thankful for Kalep. I'm looking forward to forever with him and for the next chapters come! :) 

Now this dress - I had to have it when I saw it! I had been seeing similar dresses but all for $300+ which was way above my budget, so when I saw this one at half the price, I had to take advantage. I also love the midi style, so it was perfect! This dress is perfect for summer weddings or any other fun summer event. Anyway, I've seen different versions of this dress in all different colors & price points, so I've linked a few below! 

Love this pink one & This ivory one from Lulu's and the price is even better, but it's sold out. Be on the lookout for the restock!

Anyway, I've got lots to do today from sugar cookies to invitations all before we leave for a trip to San Diego tomorrow, so I better get to work! 

P.S. Tyceroni turns 3 tomorrow, and I can't deal! lol My friends "can't deal" with my obsession with him but he's just too darn cute! 

Have a happy Tuesday!!

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