Steeltoes & Stilettos: Faux Leather + Denim

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Faux Leather + Denim

Tee - Forever 21 (Old) - Similar here, Leggings: You can find these literally everywhere, but linked a few here & here., Denim Jacket: Abercrombie & Fitch...from 8th grade - similar herehere & love this oversized one, Cap: Agaci (Steal for $11 & available in so many colors) & here. Shoes: Adidas

This outfit is one that is easy to put together from basics already in your closet - grey tee, black leggings & denim jacket. I can't believe this denim jacket has made it through all my closet cleanouts and has been in there for almost 10 years - guess it's vintage now! Denim jackets are definitely a staple item though.
Now the baseball cap - I love ball caps...especially after a couple of days of not washing my hair or just having a bad hair day. They're easy to throw on and go on your way. Normally, even though I love the Rangers, I buy the ball caps with the cute logos like the Yankees & the Dodgers! Total girl move! Lately though, I've been loving the faux leather and nude suede caps, and I just came across this one while walking through the mall the other day and saw it in a window. It was only $11! 

Update: I'm still going strong on the biggest loser challenge with my family! It actually hasn't been that hard this time around to eat healthier...only time I struggle is when I'm at my mom's bakery. I also have about 8 dozen cookies to decorate between today and tomorrow - talk about tempting! 2 weeks down...6 weeks to go!

Tyce is giving me the sad eyes because he wants to go play, so that's it for now!

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