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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Must Haves: Chunky Heels + Dupes

Top: Express (Similar ones here and here), Jeans: Express - old (Similar here and here), Shoes: Target (Only $30!)  

My Labor Day weekend was full of absolutely nothing. I didn't do a thing besides binge watch Narcos on Netflix with Kalep & eat lots of cake for my dad & brother's birthdays, but it was such a nice break to just relax and not do one.single.thing. One thing I did do was take out my mermaid hair - back to my natural hair for a while. I have really thin hair, so I love using mermaid hair to make it thicker and longer, but they were starting to wear out and my real hair was getting into a tangled mess. It's an adjustment getting used to my shorter thin hair again, but it does feel so good to be able to just scratch my head and have nothing in there! 

Anyway, I've been loving the chunky heel trend with thin straps like the Steve Madden Carrson shoes - comes in so many colors. I found an alternative though that looks just like them (if you're just wanting nude, black or yellow) for 1/3 of the price at none other than Target, and I've linked them above. Target always has great dupes for trendy shoes, so I always like to check out their selection just in case it's something that I don't have to have in a specific color or a certain brand. I have kankles and wide feet, so I love the illusion the thin straps give. 

Another thing I've been into is the fringed hem or the "anti-hem" where it looks like someone had a bad pair of scissors and just cut away as they pleased. I've taken a few old jeans that have been sitting around in my closet and just chopped some inches off to give them a new life. This pair is one of them. I'm 5'3" and it's hard for me to find jeans that I don't have to roll up, so I'm all about this trend right now.

I've linked a few other great dupes from Target for some pricier fall must haves below!

(From Left to Right)

Dupe #1

Dupe #2

Dupe #3 

Dupe #4

That's it for now! Enjoy your day!

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