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Monday, October 31, 2016

90's Alert

Top: Urban Outfitters, Jeans: Zara (One of my favorite pair of jeans!), Shoes: Adidas Superstars

It's Halloween and it's the beginning of my birthday week! I guess that makes this Monday a little more fun! We got back from Austin last night, and it was such a fun weekend together. We ate In-N-Out Burger, Voodoo Donuts, street tacos and so much more! That means I've got to do some extra running this week because I outdid myself (lol). We also went to the UT vs. Baylor game which was alot of fun...even for a Red Raider! ;) The last thing - we went shopping! I'm confessing that I had to cut No Spend October short by a couple of days. I couldn't resist being in a big city with some of my favorite stores that I don't have around here, and doing some early birthday shopping. 

One of those purchases was this tee. Who would've thought I'd be buying the same shirt I owned 10+ years ago? I still have one of these shirts at my parent's house from when I was little but I definitely couldn't wear it now. I love how 90's fashion is totally in right now. I always tell Kalep how I wish I was in high school and in my teen years in the 90's, so we kind of get to relive that now. I wore this outfit for a casual Sunday look yesterday. These jeans are currently my favorites. I'm sure you can tell because originally they didn't have as much holes...just kind of worn them out! ;)  Zara has the best jeans and super affordable though and such a variety! Anyway, I've linked some other 90's tees in the widget below. 

Now go indulge in Halloween candy! ;) Happy Halloween!

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