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Friday, October 28, 2016

DIY Costumes in your Closet

 It's Friday friends, and I could not be happier! I worked on sugar cookies until 9:30 last night since 9 a.m. in the morning, so I could not be more excited to head to Austin here in a bit! Kalep surprised me with a fun weekend there including the Texas vs. Baylor game. I guess it is Halloween, and I'll have to play a Longhorn fan just for a few hours! ;) Speaking of Halloween, I am the world's absolute worst procrastinator at finding Halloween costumes. The last 4 costumes on this post are my costumes from the last 4 years, and every single one I've frantically ran around putting together the exact same day as the Halloween party we were attending. That's why these are total last minute costumes you can throw together from items in your own closet or from items that are easy to find if you're someone like me!
Tshirt Dress: Forever 21, Booties:Free People

I'm obsessed with everything cactus + succulent, and I love this DIY costume. Cut the pipe cleaners into smaller pieces, fold them in half and hot glue them to make them all over to look like the prickly needles on a cactus.  Use an inexpensive green dress like this one above that's only $13, or if you already have one in your closet you don't mind turning into a costume. Glue some fake florals to a headband and onto a hair tie or bracelet around your wrist, and you're done!

Dress: Lulu's, Booties: Steve Madden, Sunglasses: Quay China Doll
This is a perfect costume to put a sequin dress to use that you may not get to wear often. I have a few sequin pieces in my closet and I wish I had more places to wear them to because they're so fun! Just think - all out metallic!
Bodysuit: H&M, Skirt: Lulu's, Booties: ASOS

I was almost a flamingo this year because I have a pink feathered skirt in my closet from last year's engagement pictures. Feathered skirts were a big deal last year, so a lot of you may have one already sitting in your closet. If you have a black one, you could do a black swan costume! You could cut a flamingo head out of the felt and glue it onto one side of your top by your neck to give the illusion of a head wrapped around your neck like a flamingo.

Last year, I put together a last minute mermaid costume by purchasing a couple of pieces of fabric at Joann's and buying some seashells + starfish at Michael's. I spray painted them gold and glued them onto an old body shaper I had laying around. You can even make a hair accessory out of netting and leftover starfish or seashells. 
Bodysuit: Net-a-Porter, Skirt: Rose Gal, Earrings: Nordstrom

This was one of my favorite costumes and super easy to throw together! If you don't have a yellow button up, use your resources and ask your mom! ;) This one was my mom's. For the sash, I hot glued a bunch of old bottle caps to a wide piece of brown ribbon, and made the flag out of foam.

Shorts: A&F, Boots: Timberland

I put this costume together for less than $30. I purchased the slip one size up for a more loose fit and some tights from Target. Felt is $.35 a piece at Hobby Lobby, so I bought a few pieces to make the foam. Cut the foam in circles, fold in half, glue to each other and the slip and that's it. Glue some pieces to a headband for an extra accessory. Don't forget your straw - made out of a painted green paper towel roll!  
Slip: Target, Tights: Target

I actually ran to a local Goodwill that year to find a yellow plaid flannel and found it! I bought a piece of cow print fabric and my mom made a little vest for me, and it only took her about 10 minutes. Don't forget a red bandana and a toy badge!

Top (Similar): NY&C, Boots: 

Hope this gave you some ideas and you enjoy your Halloween weekend! 
Tag me in your Instagram pictures if you put any of these together! 

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