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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fall Uniform: Shift Dress + OTKs

Dress: Zara (Linked other shift dresses I love below!), Boots: Steve Madden (Under $100!), Choker: Topshop (Can find a black velvet choker pretty much everywhere!)

A shift dress and some over the knee boots are always a good idea in the fall especially here in West Texas. We got a teaser week that was full of cloudy skies and cooler weather and it felt like fall, but now we're back to sunshine and 90 degree weather, so we can't exactly wear sweaters just yet. A dress and boots keeps you cool but still screams fall fashion. Shift dresses just hang and don't hug a girl in all the wrong places, so they're also very flattering and comfortable! I purchased this dress last year and got it for $10 at Zara on sale, but it's no longer available, but the ones below are everything. Over the knee boots are also flattering because they give the illusion of longer legs (and skinnier thighs ;)) which I love.

I just realized my birthday is 2 weeks away - just in time for no spend October to be over! ;) It's about time I look for things to add to my birthday wish list. November is such a fun month in our family because it's full of birthdays including mine and Kalep's, Thanksgiving, and it's the month we got engaged so we kind of treat that day like a mini anniversary!

Anyway, I'm off to a day full of sugar cookie decorating + invitation designin'! I got behind on my list of todo's yesterday because random things kept popping up that took up most of my day. It was a LONG day. I stranded myself in my house for about an hour because my keys were nowhere to be found.. I was convinced Tyce hid them from me (he's been on a rebellious kick this week including sneaking into my closet to chew up a pair of my favorite shoes), so I just knew he had to have dragged my keys somewhere. Turned out to be in the most random drawer in our kitchen - how they got there is beyond me!

Have a good one!

 (From top left to right)

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