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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Statement Booties

Dress: Daisy Dukes in Lubbock, Tx - Similar herehere and here, Booties: Dolce Vita (Also available at Daisy Dukes) - These booties also come in red and would be SO cute for any Red Raiders out there! ;), Choker: Forever 21 - Similar here, Bag: Vince Camuto - Similar here

I got to do a photoshoot with Daisy Dukes in Lubbock, Tx this past weekend and it was such a fun experience! Although, who knew changing outfits one after another for 3 hours could be so exhausting! ;) I got to bring home these goodies from the store, and I am obsessed with these booties. I was wearing them for a lot of the photos, and I had a hard time parting ways with them when we were done. If only I had them for Coachella. I love shoes that make a statement and can be worn with something so effortless because they have so much going on. Anyway, if you haven't been to Daisy Dukes, go! They have unique pieces that you won't normally find at a normal mall especially their shoe section, and the girls that work there are SO sweet. 

Yesterday I posted on Instagram that I would be doing a "No Spend October" after seeing a fellow blogger do "No Spend September" and how it was such a good thing for her. Sometimes, I don't even realize how much clothes I have in my closet that have never left it, or things I've only worn once, and I hate to be that way, so I'm going to spend October making an effort to show some love to the clothes I already have and get variety out of them to make new outfits. I literally have 7 grey t-shirts...for what? I'm not sure. My mom made a comment the other day saying that she's hardly seen items worn twice on my blog and sometimes in real life, and that's not me and I don't want to portray that because I can wear the heck out of a grey t-shirt or bodysuit a million times and with so many different outfits (lol!) and sometimes in the same week. I love shopping and spending time with my girl friends or family when I'm doing it, but sometimes I get so caught up in having new clothes for my blog I don't realize that's not practical. Let's be real, not all of us real girls don't have an endless budget like some of the big bloggers and celebrities that you see never repeat an outfit with killer walk in closets full of Valentinos & a dream worthy wardrobe. I want to focus more on inspiring fashion for the real girl who can still look chic with a more real life budget, so this is a warning that there may be lots of items repeated in future blog posts, but worn different ways especially this month since I have to keep my distance from the mall! ;)

Have a great Tuesday (Shoesday)!

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