Monday, November 7, 2016

Fun Fall #OOTD

Top: Forever 21- I couldn't find the exact top, but this one is the exact same with a pocket!, Jeans: Vigoss - love these and these!, Booties: Steve Madden (in love with these booties + they also come in black!). I also love these with a gold heel (and they're under $70!), Sunglasses: WearMe Pro (Less than $20!)

It's Monday and my birthday weekend is over! I didn't do a whole lot on my birthday - just kept it lowkey with some shopping with my mom, grandma and aunt and the boys joined us for dinner in the evening and I ended it with a slice of red velvet cheesecake that was everything. It poured on Saturday, so it was kind of hard to really get out and do anything, but I love rainy days so I was okay with it. We also made a pit stop by Homegoods and I got so overwhelmed by the amount of Christmas decor they had and I wanted it all. I picked up a faux fur tree skirt and a really pretty centerpiece for our dining room table for the holidays. Now I'm just really anxious to start putting up our Christmas this week too soon? 

Anyway, these booties were one of my gifts and I'm absolutely in love with them. As you know, I love trendy, statement pieces because they do so much for an outfit with minimal effort. They are great to pair with baggy jeans, a skirt or dress. Kalep thought they were so strange when I showed them to him...what does he know?! ;) Now the sunnies. I used to always stick to buying Ray-Bans, but over the last couple of years there's been so many trendy brands that have popped up with less expensive and super cool sunglasses. WearMePro being one of them! I've been wanting sunglasses with a rose gold mirrored tint and these were perfect, and guess what...they're less than $20! I love to have a variety of sunglasses to mix and match with different outfits and with a price point like that, it makes it easier to buy more and they have a lot to pick from. For being that affordable, their quality is so good. I should know because I dropped them while we were out doing these pictures, and they survived the landing! 

Before I go, Kalep came home from work last night wanting me to listen to one of Joel Osteen's sermons on Youtube, and it was such a good reminder especially to start off the week. He gets really frustrated with me sometimes because I'm such a people pleaser and that sometimes causes me to get walked all over, and I tend to get my feelings hurt very easily or I dwell on things. Just wanted to share two statements from it that spoke volumes and are great reminders!

"You have to accept the fact that some people are never going to be for you. Treat them with respect but you don't need their approval to fulfill your destiny."

"You're not free until you stop trying to please everyone. You're not living to please people; you're living to please God."

Chasing Jesus + the dreams He has for you is what it's all about, so let's start this week off on a positive note! 

Thanks to WearMePro for the sunglasses!

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