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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Gift Guide For Her (Around $100 or less!)

I've actually been trying to get my Christmas shopping done ahead of time this year! One reason is because I put so much effort in wrapping the gifts only to get ripped apart the next day, so this year I wanted to actually be able to have the presents under my tree for longer than a couple of days. Anyway, I'm just sharing some gift ideas for her whether it be your mom, sister or best friend (or yourself ;) and mostly all under $100!

1. Sweaters are always a good idea because you can never have enough. Once it gets cold, I LIVE in sweaters because I'm always cold.

2. Speaking of cold, blankets are great gifts for everyone. My family - from my grandma to my mother in law - is obsessed with blankets. We all have blankets draped on chairs, beds, in our cars, etc.

3. Earrings - I love getting them as gifts especially big statement earrings. I don't know any girl who wouldn't love that!

4. Shoes!



7. Pajamas

8. Stocking Stuffers (Under $20!)

Happy Holidays!

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