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Monday, December 5, 2016

Must Have Winter Accessory - Faux Fur

Sweater: Old from Loft - Love this one from H&M!, Leggings: Express - Similar & on sale here, Scarf: Bought last year but this one is very similar - Target, Booties: Old - These are similar & really wanting these!, Earrings: Baublebar - similar to these.

Basically, faux fur can be found EVERYWHERE in my house from the living room to my Christmas tree to my closets. I scored a deal on this scarf last year at the end of the winter season at Target and got it for only $7. I love the texture faux fur adds to couches, beds and even more so on outfits. It's also crazy warm! These leggings are some of my favorites from none other than Express & they're on sale right now. I wear them all the time!  

We spent part of our weekend in Dallas for Kalep's cousin's funeral. His wife wrote a beautiful speech that brought me to tears, and I can't help but to remind you all to hug your loved ones extra tightly and don't ever hesitate to tell them you love them. Kalep probably gets sick of it but I am literally always telling him how much I love him or writing him notes because I don't think I could ever do it enough - even Tyce probably gets tired of me squeezing him tight with hugs and always loving on him. In her speech, she wrote about how every morning her husband would make it a goal of his to touch base or send a nice text to at least 10 people in his life, and I thought that was so sweet. Sometimes, life is so busy and fast we don't take time to call or text a loved one just to check up on them or put it off and sometimes it can be too late. One of my best friends C.J. called me the other day and he started the conversation off with "Hey! You know I love you right? just wanted you to know." It's so rare to get a call like that these days, but it sure warmed my heart. I didn't mean to bring the mood down but just thought I'd remind you (as well as myself) to not take people for granted, be kind & to spread love!

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