Friday, January 6, 2017

Lace Up Sweater Dresses Please

Sweater Dress: Daisy Dukes - also similar here and here, Boots: Similar here and here
I've been collecting sweater dresses (well dresses in general) over the last couple of weeks. They're easy to style, comfortable, and most of the time you can carry them over from season to season especially during the transitional weather. Today though, I can't even think about wearing a dress. It is currently 17 degrees, but feels like 4. Tyce doesn't even want to step outside! This dress was a must have and comes in 3 colors - nude, black and grey. I've already worn it twice this week. It can also be worn as an oversized sweater with leggings or jeans. This was one of the dresses I wore during my shoot at Daisy Dukes and I couldn't let it go. You may also recognize it from Jojo Fletcher's snapchat from a few days ago! 

In other news: this is the first weekend in a LONG time that we're both staying home while Kalep is off. Usually when he's off, we're off to the deer lease, but it's the end of hunting season. I'm planning on redoing my cloffice, and making the whole room more of a closet. There's two small closets in this room and everything is kind of squished in there and all my shoes are in boxes in the guest room closet. I'm hoping to turn one of these smaller closets into a full shoe closet with shelves so I can actually set them all out. With everything being so tightly packed in my closet or shoes in boxes, I tend to forget what I have or look past things so I will definitely be cleaning out and hoping I can get things more organized and easier to see. Anyway, I'm excited to stay home and get things done around the house that were put on hold during the holidays and hunting season!

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