Thursday, January 12, 2017

Poncho Love

Poncho: Grace & Lace, Leggings: Zara, Boots: ASOS - Similar here and here

Kalep always makes comments about how I always wear oversized sweaters, t-shirts and things that aren't exactly fitted, so let's add one more item to the list - this poncho! ;) He just doesn't get how comfortable oversized clothes is. This one is so soft and I love the fringe detail around the edge. Ponchos are so easy to wear and style and the best part is - one size fits all. This is especially great during the winter & holidays when we may eat a little too much at family gatherings, but you won't even be able to tell!  It's also not itchy whatsoever. One of my pet peeves is when I purchase a sweater that looks so cute (especially online), but I can't stand to wear it long enough without scratching my skin off. My skin is especially dry in the winter, so it's just not a good mix. Anyway, if you're a fellow Red Raider like I am, this is a perfect buy to save for next football season! 

If I haven't mentioned it enough already, these leggings are everything! I've been meaning to order a couple more pairs since we don't have a Zara around here. They are $30, and they're made of a thicker material and hug your body tight especially around the ankles which is perfect for booties. 

Sponsored by Grace & Lace.

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