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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Yes to Comfort

Top: Express, Joggers: Forever 21 (Only $12.90 & they come in SO many colors!), Jacket: Forever 21 - Similar here and here, Shoes: Adidas, Sunglasses: Quay

I'm a huge fan of joggers, but I'm also 5'3" and have the hardest time finding a pair that I don't have to roll up a million times or scrunch too much. Forever 21 came to the rescue because I happened to find this pair for incredibly cheap and there are so many colors - nude, grey, olive, blush and more - so much YES! I still have to scrunch them up, but not too much. Kalep always jokes that we're going to have to find someone to stretch me out before we have babies because I'm too short! ;) Comfort is always a yes in my book, and yesterday was a full day just like every Monday for everyone I'm sure, so joggers were a must. They were also great while watching The Bachelor and indulging in pepperoni pizza! ;) Who else is watching? Corinne was entirely too much in last night's episode, and it drove me crazy that he kept giving her validation for her behavior. I kept cringing every time she would pop up to interrupt...yet again. 

Anyway, while I love sharing outfit posts and that's mostly what my blog consists of, I want to post more things that you would actually want to read and add different content to my blog this year. That's one of my resolutions for 2017! I would absolutely love it and would totally make my day if you could leave a comment with any ideas or topics you would like to see more of on here, on my Instagram, in a DM or wherever your lovely heart desires!

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