Tuesday, February 21, 2017

More Ruffles in the Spring


Top: Shein (Less than $20!), Jeans: Gianni Binni - Similar here and here, Shoes: Jessica Simpson - Similar here and here.

I've been taking advantage any day that the weather is slightly warmer to pull out some Spring pieces. This top was probably a bad idea yesterday though because even though it was warmer, the wind was crazy! The ruffles were going everywhere! It's such a cute top to have in your closet though and it's only $16.00. It's hard to tell but it has a little checkered pattern on it. It's an oversized fit which I love!

Fun fact: While we were taking these pictures yesterday, we had two cops with their lights on pull up and start questioning us and asking us to open our car. We were so confused because we were just taking pictures and we weren't parked anywhere illegally. Turns out someone had called about a man trying to get into their vehicle, but it wasn't us. I was so freaked out though because I'm the kind of person that automatically assumes I've done something wrong and start panicking! (lol!)

And now the coffee is starting to kick in, so time for breakfast! Have a good Tuesday!

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