Friday, March 10, 2017

DIY Acrylic Dry Erase Board - For Under $30

Happy Friday! I'm sharing a little DIY for your home office, work space, etc. I've been making an effort to become more organized at home, and I'm a big note taker. I hoard journals especially the ones from Homegoods (so cheap and cute) and I also write to-do lists every day. I wanted a board to quickly write things on or clip notes to, but I'm also a very visual person and didn't feel so "inspired" with a plain white board, so I set out to make this acrylic white board and even better, it costs less than $30! Kalep and my dad always argue with me when I ask them for help on projects in my room because they are ALL about function and I'm all about the aesthetic (lol!).

DIY Acrylic Dry Erase Board


(The size I needed was right around $20, but they have all different sizes & you can get it custom cut as well.)

(These were the hardest to find! Weirdly, Home Depot nor Lowe's carried them...or even knew what I was talking about.)

Your favorite gold spray paint - I also hoard these! lol

Any other extra add-ons like clips, stickers, magnets, etc.

You can leave the screws silver, but I spray painted them gold because I was too cheap to order the actual gold ones because they cost a lot more than the silver ones. I let them dry for most of the day before I had Kalep hang up the board. When you're ready to hang it up, you'll have to screw a hole through the acrylic to be able to hang it on the standoff screws. The acrylic goes in between the two parts of the screw. Once, you've got it up - THAT'S IT!

You can leave it completely blank as is and write on it with a dry erase as you go or you can make it into a big wall calendar. I made my own stickers to use for the "goals" and "to do", but you can find letter stickers or word stickers already made at your local craft store, or if you're good at hand lettering - grab a gold metallic paint marker and go for it! This can be made into anything, and is crazy easy and inexpensive to make, but I love everything acrylic from chairs to decor, and it's a cute touch to any #girlboss' office! 

 I also included free printables below of lists & quotes to use on your new board! 

(Download and unzip the file!)

Happy Organizing! 

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