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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Extra Comfortable

Hoodie: Forever 21 - similar herehere and here, also LOVE this one), Leggings: Missguided (Only $11!) and similar here for less than $4 and lots of colors!, Cap: T.J. Maxx - Similar here, Boots: Steve Madden (On sale for $50!), Sunglasses: Quay High Key 
I've been trying to update my spring shoe collection lately, but since West TX can't decide between winter & spring, I'm just trying to get the most wear out of my booties. These boots are more of a trendy, fun pair, but I love the clear heel. The boots make this outfit a little (or a lot) extra and people may give you a weird look in this part of Texas but honestly, who cares! I think it's fun to be a little extra in our lives here and there. ;) To bring it down a notch, just pair it with some sneakers and you're set. I just wanted to share this hoodie and leggings because they cost hardly anything but are such cute comfortable pieces. I adore the hoodies and comfort pieces from Forever 21 because the quality always feels great and you can buy them at prices that are next to nothing. I also picked up this hat at T.J. Maxx the other day for $10 so if you ever happen to go there, keep a look out. They had other colors too like olive green!

Kalep is finally off of his night shift as of this morning at 6 a.m. - the same time he called to wake me up and pick me up for breakfast while I was still halfway asleep with crazy hair, but it was sweet of him. Night shift weeks always feel so long because we hardly get to see each other! 

That's it for today!

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