Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Lounge in my One Teaspoons

Tank top: Zara, Cardigan: Express (30% off right now + available in black & grey also), Shorts: One Teaspoon, Sandals: 1.State

This is a short post featuring a comfy, casual outfit. I just had to talk about these shorts though! So you know the story of "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?" Four friends that find an old pair of pants that fits each one of them like a glove, despite the difference in their body types and sizes. These shorts right here are my very own traveling pants! ;) You've heard me talk plenty about how difficult it is for me to find shorts because if they fit good around the thighs, they're too big on the waist and the opposite. I finally found them! I had heard about how great One Teaspoon shorts were, but was always hesitant because they're a little pricey. I finally decided to try them on, and I had to buy them. They actually fit around the thighs and waist! One Teaspoons are also great because the raised sides add a little length to your legs. I think I probably wasted more money in buying cheaper shorts here and there that I would end up never wearing because of the fit. Just an FYI - if you have the same problem I do with denim shorts, One Teaspoons are your answer! ;) Also, these sandals - I absolutely LOVE for spring. They're also available in pink, yellow, and black. I've been wearing them the last 3 days...and currently have them on my feet. I've been trying to add Spring sandals and shoes to my closet! Sharing others I love below!

We spent our Monday in Marfa (again)! I was asked to do a photoshoot by a photographer from Houston (@kbasdeo) at Prada Marfa, so that was a lot of fun. Pictures will be coming to the blog soon! :) 

Have a great Tuesday! 

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